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Architects, designers, entrepreneurs, and masters of craft.


Amanda Hallberg and Brian Hanger have built multiple businesses from the ground up cultivating a following of clientele who covet their design style, craftmanship, and small-scale manufacturing expertise.

In their 17 years of collaborating they have focused on honing their architectural design skills and building a workshop with all but limitless capabilities. They specialize in architecture and product design, custom woodwork, metal fabrication and machining, molded plywood, veneer work, upholstery, leather work, welding, metal finishes and plating, wood finishes, and component fabrication.




A focus on useful and beautiful architecture, design, and objects.


Patience, discipline, and quality materials are put into every design and object to create lasting work that will be valued and passed down from generation to generation.


AMANDA HALLBERG holds an accredited Bachelor of Architecture from Mies van der Rohe’s Illinois Institute of Technology. Architecture nurtured her instinct and respect for design, materials, structures, details, and process. Post graduation she was awarded the prestigious SOM Prize. For two years she exhaustively traveled the United States documenting American Modern architecture and pursuing her research. She was able to document the most notable works of American Modernism along with more than 200 lesser known examples.

Amanda brings this same obsession to architectural design, manufacturing, and Modern Classic furniture restoration. She’s spent her entire adult life cultivating her craft, she’s know for relentless research, and has internationally regarded expertise in Modern Classic Furniture, upholstery, leather work, fiberglass, wood, molded plywood, plastics, rubber, finishes, and small scale manufacturing.


BRIAN HANGER is a licensed architect and holds an accredited Master of Architecture from the University of Idaho. As architecture tends to do, it both shaped and nurtured Brian’s fondness and aptitude for analyzing all things designed. Brian is a true craftsman; he keeps himself busy with a bevy of challenging projects and approaches every task with exact precision and attention to detail. He fills every bit of his time with hobbies that hone his skills including hand making wood kayaks, small boats, musical instruments, and toys. His work has been juried into the Northwest Woodworker’s Gallery; an honor and a mark of prestige.

Brian’s favorite place is his shop where he revels in the slow, methodical, meticulous work of hand making hardwood furniture. It’s in his shop where he takes joy in resolving design problems of all sorts and has cultivated an aptitude for solving nearly any fabrication challenge. He has an arsenal of talents with internationally regarded expertise in wood, metal, molded plywood, plastics, rubber, finishes, and small scale manufacturing. He produces precise custom hardwood furniture and objects Inspired by Japanese architecture, Danish Modern furniture, Shaker design, and his favorite hand tools.


It’s fair to say that this pair is undaunted and eager to learn and master many skills.